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Revitalizing Dissolvable Threads

Revitalizing Dissolvable Threads
• Lift and add volume to sagging cheeks
• Elevate sagging brows
• Elevate and refresh marionette lines and nasolabial grooves
• Support and revitalize the neck area
• Correct asymmetry of the brow and face
• Revitalize and lift the jowl area

What is the Dissolvable Thread Face Lift?
The thread lift is a minimally invasive technique that utilizes a new type of skin suspension thread to perform a safer and less traumatic facial lift. Specially designed soft barbs or cogs of the threads, are placed within the skin tissue without the need for visible scars. For the mid-face procedure, the surgeon makes a tiny incision close to the ear and the threads are advanced along the previously marked contours toward the chin and jaw line, creating a firm hold on the underlying tissues without causing additional trauma. The barbs or cogs do the work of holding, by being fixated to tissue as they are softly contoured into place.

It is especially effective at correcting sagging skin in the mid-face region and for lifting the neck. The whole procedure can take around 45 minutes and is usually done under a local anesthetic.


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