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Skin conditions such as freckles, pigment marks, age spots and melasma can be very annoying and hard to hide with make-up

Just 1-2 treatments with our powerful IPL machine can help remove the signs of ageing, freckles, pigmentation and sun-damage!

IPL Treatment at Beachside Medi Spa is the best solution to remove the above mentioned skin conditions. Many of our clients have experienced excellent results to give a clearer complexion, smoother skin, and restore the natural colour and clarity of the skin.

Some areas such as the hands, décolletage, arms, legs and neck can be also treated by IPL, and gentle enough to be effective in those sensitive areas. IPL when performed correctly is a very safe procedure with little to no downtime

Most clinics that offer IPL treatment usually recommend 4-6 series of treatments, here at Beachside Medi Spa we aim to achieve impressive results with only 1-2 series of treatments.

Benefits of IPL

– Stimulates collagen & elastin

– Slows the aging process

– Reduces pigmentation

– Minimal down-time



– Acne

– Acne Rosacea

– Broken Capillaries

– Facial flushing and redness

– Freckles and age spots

– Pigmentation

– Spider angiomas (bright red spots)

– Sun damage


The treatments takes approx. half an hour, it feels like rubber bands snapping on the skin. You will feel hot and sun burning for about an hour post procedure.

Our therapists have laser safety certificates and have Laser training from a government accredited training centre.